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July 22, 2008



To more precisely answer your question about marketing vertical product, specifically Web Productivity enhancers for the small, real, blue collar services and specialty trades:

Each trade has a hub, such as, towing and the mobile repair businesses (auto glass, locksmiths) have road service, auctions, and insurance / law enforcement. These form a nexus for that vertical, and marketing begins there with revenue sharing partnerships.


Alan: Thanks, Amit, for your kind thoughts. I worked in the automotive auction business as an IT operations and resource analyst, so my ideas for the Thrudispatch venture was grown from there.

I spent several years trying to get venture funding, or to find a technical software team or partner to bootstrap, but did not have luck.

I am sure that distributed dispatch (not just for towing) is a great Web20 mobile business model, but one has to have the up-front resources to write a certain amount of back end and client services so you can get the service adopted. It is a resource allocation thing.

Stupider, far stupider businesses, have raised capital, and we are seeing the results of late. G-d forbid a real business that has expressed an interest in paying for the services which it consumes should attract capital,


I'm a first timer to your blog, which I've found fascinating, especially for its contrarianism. I especially like the idea of seeing the real-world gems in long tail services involving blue-collar businesses that actually need a helping hand. I've thought hard about these areas too, and the classic next problem emerges - marketing and reach. I'd love to read more about how you promoted/promote your auto-towing, etc. services to the independents that will use them.

No particular thing to say, just thought I'd leave a dropping to say that you have a subscriber.

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