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October 11, 2007


Apps-R-Us.com - Buy Facebook applications!

It's amazing that lines of code can be worth so much money. Bebo just sold for $830 million to AOL!

Author: Yes, of course, it was Bebo's code, plus marketing strategy, deal making, and marketing philosophies. You need more than code to cut a deal like that! But, yes, it is amazing what many have done even with inconsequential web based applications (37signals, etc.).


I wanted to try and work a pingback to this post from my entry today regarding "Social Network Platforms & APIs: Why are developers putting all of their eggs in one basket?" but I wasn't able to make it fit in the context :(

I think you're right on about social networks simply being to immature, and I think they need to show us the money. Not one of them has illustrated that they can monetize beyond their costs; I don't believe MySpace or YouTube have turned a profit based on their site's operations, although there is a possibility that those two networks have done wonders for building up the presence and brand name of their parent companies (NewsCorp and Google)

Yahoo! shouldn't repeat the same mistake with Facebook as they did with Geocities. They, more than anyone else, should have learned from that mistake.

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