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    I am an analyst specializing in new product strategies and critical review of new technology sectors. I am your outside eyes, a fresh POV, and a broadly experienced technical renaissance man. See my resume link above.


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I am a Contract Technical Product Manager and Channel Marketing Analyst. My contracts are from 90 days to a few months. Reach me at: [email protected] (412) 353-9269


I come from the world of real technology – manufacturing, electronics, product technical services, and technical document management and publishing. I created the very first group authoring platform for technical manuals on CD-ROM, which boosted me into the life of a product and sector analyst in applied professional web applications. I have practical experience in all of the software systems that have been traditionally licensed in the industrial and technical vertical markets (supply chain, document management, mobile workforce, task management), which makes me an ace-in-the hole consultant for web application providers that need extra muscle when entering these unfamiliar sectors.

Think of me as a jungle guide to the skilled trade and technical industrial or services market – I am the guy that proves, disproves, and supports the product management or marketing / bizdev game plan. I answer the strategic questions: are the features really right? Are we leading or lagging the ensconced competition? What is the total market volume…really? How do we get partners, OEM licenses, subscriber revenues, a SAAS model, etc. How do we get in this unfamiliar market? How do we deal with trade association and industry relations.?

I support Product Managers by reducing the research and industry relations workload. I deliver trade-specific, go-to-market steering. I can offer services that often drive that thin wedge into the product opportunity cleavage, thereby determining ultimate success. I am a stellar product and trade writer, and a convincing deal broker.

Use me as acting product manager until you find the permanent hire. Use me for industry relations and community intelligence. I develop industry dossiers for the permanent Product Manager, helping them gain traction in specialty technical / industrial markets. My work is usually completed in 90 to 180 days.

My standard rates are very reasonable at 85 /hr., with substantial discounts for contracts over 90 days. I have impeccable references.


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